Bastian Gehbauer | PORTAL 

Exhibition duration:
June 4–6, 11am–6pm 

Chausseestraße 36
10115 Berlin


NO’ONO’O is a Berlin-based exhibition project run by Franziska Grosse, Alexia Timmermans, and Talita Perfect. 

We aperiodically present a single artistic position over the course of three days, with every exhibition taking place in a different space across the city. 

NO’ONO’O puts great emphasis on mediation and photographic documentation through online content and artist talks in order to offer an elaborate yet playful insight into the work of an artist despite the exhibition’s short duration.

As a not-for-profit collective we aim at providing young artists and curators an independent platform for creative exchange across various art forms ranging from painting, sculpture, photography, to installation and video art.